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What if my child doesn't want water? Thank us later:

We see it all the time - your child's blood sugar is running higher than you'd like but they don't want water! They want juice, soda, milk, you name it.... but no fear!

Here are some lower carb options that we LOVE for those days when a fun drink is necessary :)

  1. Swoon Lemonade: Comes in 2 flavors - pink and classic. Only 2 carbs per can and is sweetened with monk fruit. This refreshing option does not disappoint!! 🍋

  2. Koia Protein Shakes: When that afternoon ice cream craving hits, this is our go to pick.🍦Cookies and cream is our personal favorite and can totally be mistaken for a milkshake

Only 2 net carbs per serving, 12 grams of protein and truly hits the spot!

  1. Liquid IV: This ultra hydrating drink powder is insanely tasty and comes in so many flavor options! It is the way to get your child to drink allllll the water without realizing they are hydrating their body 😉 One packet has 12 carbs, but we love adding half a packet into a large glass of water... coming out to only 6 carbs per serving! Use code: TYPEONEDAY for 25% off and free shipping 🍓

Give these a try and let us know what your child thinks!! P.s. these are amazing options for adults too ;) Don't knock them until you try!!

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