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The Course

The online self paced course that helps newly diagnosed children and their families get through the first year. 

This course is reviewed by a Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist

Made for you by people like you!

Come grab a seat with us on the couch as we dive into all the things!

As a mom of a T1D toddler and someone who has lived with T1D for

over 21 years, we are so excited to share the things we wish we had

known in our early days.

-Amanda & Raquel


This course is helpful for: 

Newly diagnosed children & their families

Extended family members & other caregivers

Friends, teachers, coaches, babysitters, & more!

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This course is helpful for: 

After completing this course, you should: 

Have a better and more thorough understanding of what Type 1 Diabetes is

Know the various options of insulin and insulin administration

Feel more empowered to advocate for your child’s medical needs

Understand all your options related to your child’s diabetes management

Feel a sense of community and validated in ALLLL the emotions you might be experiencing

Have a toolbox full of tips/tricks to navigate challenges associated with type 1 management of children ages 0-12

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Course Sections:

  • What Is Type One Diabetes? 

  • All About Monitoring Blood Sugar

  • Carbohydrates

  • Sliding Scale vs. ICR

  • Low & High Blood Sugars

  • Monitoring Progress & Management 

  • T1D Mental Health 

  • How We Really Feel...

  • BONUS: Toddler Tips and Trick

Digital Goodie Bag

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"I took this course as a grandmother of a toddler T1D and I have to say I loved it. It was very informative and down to earth. I loved hearing from a mother of a toddler that has it and also from a grown woman who as T1D herself. It’s so good to hear different perspectives. It really helped me to understand all of the information much easier.
I have read the book the hospital sent home and have been trained also by my daughter, but I learned so much from this course and would highly recommend it to anyone who will be involved in the life of any age T1D person. Thank you for taking the time to do this! I know it will make such a difference."

- Cindy F.

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Meet Amanda & Raquel

Family Support Specialist & Mom Of A T1D Toddler

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Hi, I’m Amanda. I am a former NICU nurse and mom to a type 1 toddler. My daughter was diagnosed at 2 years old in January 2022 after a long battle with covid. Our first six months after diagnosis were absolutely terrible. Even with my background in nursing, I felt incredibly confused, lost, and overwhelmed. I also felt like my questions and concerns were regularly dismissed or downplayed by our healthcare team.


Eventually, I broke my 11 year social media hiatus in search of community and support. After some time, I gained priceless knowledge from the online type 1 community, and was able to advocate more effectively for my daughter. I also learned how to take control of the disease myself and lead the charge…resulting in a massive improvement in Haddie’s health and quality of life.


I am passionate about helping other families of newly diagnosed children. I believe there is a way for young children to live full, healthy, and relatively normal lives with this disease. As TOT’s family support specialist, I will drop tips, tricks, and easy to digest explanations of all things T1D. We’ve got this and our warrior children can absolutely do this. Acknowledge the tough. Celebrate the triumph.



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Founder of Type One Together & T1D for 21 Years

“After babysitting for T1D families throughout college, I quickly noticed there was a huge gap to be filled in type one education. Many families felt defeated and hopeless when it came to their child’s t1d management, as did my own mother growing up. Although I am thankful for my doctors, I was left to figure out so much of diabetes on my own.I have finally reached a place where I live happily with T1D and have achieved the A1C/time in range that makes me feel more myself than ever before! Creating my own diabetes community has truly been life changing and I can’t wait for you to be part of it! 

When working with me, we will dive into all things life, diabetes and everything in-between. Whether you are a parent / caregiver managing a child’s t1d or you are living with diabetes yourself, working to improve your relationship with the disease is everything! Creating mindset shifts around the way you look at both diabetes and life as whole can translate to huge transformations in your happiness and health. Let’s get started!"

Raquel Baron

Founder of Type One Together & T1D for 20 Years

Raquel Baron


This course is reviewed by a Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist

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