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with our Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist, MSW

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For Grandparents


For Newly Diagnosed

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For Kids

For Parents

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Meet Your Coaches


Founder of Type One Together & T1D for 20 Years

“After babysitting for T1D families throughout college, I quickly noticed there was a huge gap to be filled in type one education. Many families felt defeated and hopeless when it came to their child’s t1d management, as did my own mother growing up. Although I am thankful for my doctors, I was left to figure out so much of diabetes on my own.I have finally reached a place where I live happily with T1D and have achieved the A1C/time in range that makes me feel more myself than ever before! Creating my own diabetes community has truly been life changing and I can’t wait for you to be part of it! 

When working with me, we will dive into all things life, diabetes and everything in-between. Whether you are a parent / caregiver managing a child’s t1d or you are living with diabetes yourself, working to improve your relationship with the disease is everything! Creating mindset shifts around the way you look at both diabetes and life as whole can translate to huge transformations in your happiness and health. Let’s get started!"

Raquel Baron

Founder of Type One Together & T1D for 20 Years

Raquel Baron

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Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist and Social Worker


Anna Sabino has been living with T1D for over 30 years and currently serves parents, kids, and families with T1D through Type One Together and Finding Smiles Coaching. She spent the majority of her childhood summers attending, volunteering, and working directly with diabetes summer camps and has over 15 years of experience creating and overseeing youth and family programs with several diabetes non profits such as the College Diabetes Network, ADA and the T1D Exchange.


Her biggest passion is helping parents build a sense of confidence around diabetes so the entire family can feel successful along their journey towards adulthood. As a MSW and CDCES Anna serves on the national planning committee for the ADCES Annual Meeting, has served on numerous boards and local, national, and international committees, and contributed to close to a dozen published journal articles. Anna lives outside Boston, MA with her husband and two young children.

Anna Sabino

Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist and Social Worker

Anna Sabino


What people are saying...

Raquel helped me look at my life as a whole picture rather than just the numbers. There is so much that my doctor & care team didn’t tell me at diagnosis. Not only did a few small switches drop my a1c from an 8.2 to a 7.1, I finally feel confident in my ability to manage and can sleep soundly at night.”

-Ashley R.

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