Living Type One Together 

Living Type One Together is our individualized coaching program created to fill the gaps for parents who have children newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

Our team helps you become your own diabetes expert through 1-1, personalized support. Together is better, let’s do this!

Our Services help Parents:

Give their kids the foods they love without riding the blood sugar rollercoaster

Have peace of mind to sleep at night knowing their kids are going to be okay

 Get the tools to manage diabetes intuitively and take what life throws at them with confidence

 Become their own diabetes expert and build a T1D supportive community.

Mother and Baby on Floor

At Living type One Together (LTOT) we understand that you have enough on your plate as a parent acting as a human pancreas. You ARE capable of helping your child manage their blood sugars and thriving in your own life at the same time. 

Not only do we help give you the tools to get your child’s a1c where you’ve always wanted it, we also care about YOU as a parent and believe that with the right tools by your side, you can achieve peace of mind too


Program Details 

We offer two package options to fit your individual needs

First 20 minute call is always free! 

Ready to Fill the Gaps in your Childs T1D Care? 

Raquel Baron

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“After babysitting for T1D families throughout college, I quickly noticed there was a huge gap to be filled in type one education. Many parents felt defeated and hopeless when it came to their child’s t1d management, as did my own mother growing up. Although I am thankful for my doctors, I was left to figure out so much of diabetes on my own.

I have finally reached a place where I live happily with T1D and have achieved the A1C/time in range that makes me feel more myself than ever before! Creating my own diabetes community has truly been life changing and I can’t wait for you to be part of it!"

Brooke Schiller

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“I am a Registered Dietitian and Type One Diabetic with a passion for building communities, confidence and preparedness so you can face this world with T1D. Since my diagnosis I have spent time thinking about our attitudes toward food, nutrition, and our bodies. I believe you are a human first and you are capable of much more than you think!


I am truly excited to help you along your journey and get you to a place of making powerful choices so that your body can support your life and not hinder it."

Meet Our Team

What people are saying...

Raquel helped me look at my life as a whole picture rather than just the numbers. There is so much that my doctor & care team didn’t tell me at diagnosis. Not only did a few small switches drop my a1c from an 8.2 to a 7.1, I finally feel confident in my ability to manage and can sleep soundly at night.”

-Ashley R.

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*Type One Together does not give medical advice, always consult your doctor before making changes.*