Take a deep dive with us into all T1D caregiver basics inside of our 8-week coaching course.

Caregiver Coaching Course

We know that as a grandparent of a child living with diabetes, you want to help! That being said, there is a lot to learn and you might not have gotten the hands-on training that occurred at diagnosis.

Between video modules and weekly community calls, you will walk away with all of your questions answered and the confidence to handle any T1D situation that may arise during your time as a caregiver.

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We are here to cover the basics and beyond


Program Details 

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Week 1: Welcome/Intro!
Week 2: T1D Basics
Week 3: Blood Sugar
Week 4: Insulin
Week 5: Food
Week 6: Movement
Week 7: Ketones & DKA
Week 8: Caregiver FAQ



Our Services help Families:

Give their kids the foods they love without riding the blood sugar rollercoaster

Have peace of mind to sleep at night knowing their kids are going to be okay

Get the tools to manage diabetes intuitively and take what life throws at them with confidence

Become their own diabetes expert and build a T1D supportive community

Ready for more (confident) 1-1 time with your

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Meet Your Coaches


Founder of Type One Together & T1D for 20 Years

“After babysitting for T1D families throughout college, I quickly noticed there was a huge gap to be filled in type one education. Many families felt defeated and hopeless when it came to their child’s t1d management, as did my own mother growing up. Although I am thankful for my doctors, I was left to figure out so much of diabetes on my own.I have finally reached a place where I live happily with T1D and have achieved the A1C/time in range that makes me feel more myself than ever before! Creating my own diabetes community has truly been life changing and I can’t wait for you to be part of it! 

When working with me, we will dive into all things life, diabetes and everything in-between. Whether you are a parent / caregiver managing a child’s t1d or you are living with diabetes yourself, working to improve your relationship with the disease is everything! Creating mindset shifts around the way you look at both diabetes and life as whole can translate to huge transformations in your happiness and health. Let’s get started!"

Raquel Baron

Founder of Type One Together & T1D for 20 Years

Raquel Baron

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NBHWC Board Certified Health Coach & T1D for 20 Years


“I’m Sabella! I’ve lived with T1D for 20 years! I was diagnosed when I was 11 years old, in 2002. My heart’s work is helping families living with T1D. Eventually, I had become very skilled with my own blood sugar management that I felt confident enough to do it for T1D kids, so I looked into providing childcare for a T1D family in the fall of 2019. I connected with the Kuelker family through SafeSittings and little did I know at the time, their 6 year-old T1D son, Remy, would become my diabestie! I nannied for 2 other T1D families from 2020 - 2021. My time spent with these T1D children allowed me to realize how much I was able to positively influence the integration of T1D into their emotional, social, and cognitive development through daily blood sugar management, play, and kinship. In time, as my love grew for each of these children, I began to more fully understand the experience of a caregiver to a T1D child. Now, I feel like I can bridge the two.

There’s a lot that goes into living with T1D. Much more support is needed for our community than an initial 3-day hospital stint & quarterly 17-minute visit with your endo. I couldn’t imagine not committing to this work. I hope that through my commitment and the rest of the TOT team, we are able to create a reality where T1D families have the support, community, and resources they need to live healthy, happy, & fulfilling lives with T1D.”

Sabella Larkin

NBHWC Board Certified Health Coach & T1D for 20 Years

Sabella Larkin