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Handing Off T1D Responsibility To Children

As T1D parents, we want our children to be independent when it comes to diabetes care but often don't give them the space to do so. As much as we want to take care of our kids 100% forever, at some point, a gradual hand off needs to occur for long term success. That does NOT mean you can't be still involved or oversee things... but starting kids on this journey young, if they are up for it, can be incredibly helpful.

If you are asking yourself why they aren't taking more initiative on their own, take a second to consider how much you are truly handing off to them.

A few things that can help:

1. Encourage and affirm when they DO take action on their own and show they are understanding how to care for themselves.

2. Depending on their age, maybe even say something like "for the next few hours I have a lot going on and would love if you could handle your t1d". Of course while you give them this opportunity, you can still keep an eye on everything going on, but saying something along these lines allows them to feel that you trust and have belief in their ability!

3. Ask them if they want to do more things themselves! This could be something as small as changing their own site, giving themself a shot or as big as telling you how much they think they should bolus for something. Kids often get used to parents doing things for them, but that doesn't mean they aren't interested in taking a larger role in their management. Many kids often love to be in charge and take on responsibility when given the opportunity.

As a reminder...YES supervision is incredibly important, but as time goes on, gradually handing off diabetes responsibility is so important and empowering for these warriors! Let us know how it goes below :)

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