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Don't Get Complacent

When is the last time you actively took a look into your current diabetes management? The thing is.... when life changes, our diabetes often does too! The way we used to manage three months ago is not guaranteed to have the same effect now.

I find when diabetes starts to feel extra annoying or I feel like I am slipping into diabetes burnout, I usually haven't given much attention to the disease lately. I get complacent. I think I have it all "figured out" (which we all know is impossible) and then get frustrated when I start to see post meal spikes again.

Sometimes all it takes is 5 minutes! Just a few minutes to sit down, pause, and really look at my patterns.

After identifying patterns, it is time to take action! Every little action we can take towards our diabetes management adds up more than I ever imagine. Whether it is adding a 10 minute walk into my morning routine or raising my 2pm basal rate, it makes a difference! Don't under estimate the power of small changes.

I challenge you to give your diabetes a little extra love today. Even it might feel like the last thing you want to do today, give your diabetes a little attention. Tend to your relationship with it.

I find that the more I pay attention to my diabetes, the less headspace and energy it ends up taking out of me.

More effort upfront = less energy later. Let's get to it T1D warriors!

-Raquel, @typeonday

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