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Why Parent/Caregiver T1D Coaching?

Coaching For T1D Caregivers

Why work with one of our T1D caregiver coaches?

Being a parent/caregiver of a child living with type one diabetes is tough! There are so many literal ups and downs. You should not have to take it on alone!

Why working with our coaches can be helpful:

1. Get it all out! Venting is so important. We are here to listen whether you need to cry it out, talk to someone who gets it or just work through your feelings out loud.

2. Your doctors don’t always share it all! Doctors and endocrinologists are incredible, but you do not always get the time with them necessary to cover the ins and outs of daily life with diabetes. There is so much “in between” the carb counting and insulin doses. We help you fill the gaps in your diabetes care.

3. Work with someone who has lived through a lot with T1D! There are so many different life phases with T1D that your child may experience. Think: puberty, social situations growing up, sports, dating, traveling, alcohol, etc. Talk to someone who has been there, gets it, and has countless experiences to share.

4. You can’t pour from an empty cup! It is important to process your child’s diagnosis for your own mental health. Yes it is their disease, but that does not mean it doesn’t take a toll on you and your family as a whole! Let’s take a look at YOUR life and what you are doing for yourself. Once you take the time for this, you give yourself so much more energy, life and love to share with your children.

Send us an email: or reach out through the “T1D coaching” tab of our website to get started!

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