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Back To The Basics: Preparing For Highs And Lows

by Amelia Rehrman

Out of range blood sugars can be so frustrating! And when we’re not feeling well because of a stubborn high or low, it can be hard to remember ways to get back in range without overtreating.

I put together a list of some things I try to do when my blood sugar is out of range. Hopefully this can be helpful to you!

When you have a high blood sugar:

  • Drink lots of water.

  • Make sure your pump site is working! Look at the site to make sure there’s no apparent signs of leaking insulin.

  • Check ketones if appropriate.

  • Move around! Take a walk, clean the house, do laundry.

  • If you suspect your pump site isn’t working, or if you’ve done multiple corrections and your blood sugar still has not come down, use a syringe or insulin pen to do a correction. Make sure to account for insulin you have already given through the insulin pump.

When you have a low blood sugar: