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T1D Diagnosis: Made Simple

"This course helped me understand my child's diagnosis because it explained T1D in terms that people that are not in the medical field can understand"


T1D Babysitter List

"So thankful for the Type One Together babysitter list! We found two on the list and have used them several times. Both have T1, so it gives our daughter great diabetes role models too! Super sweet young ladies, very responsible & our daughter absolutely LOVES them!"


Better Together Group Coaching

"You have truly changed our lives and experience with type 1. Without this course and our babysitter, life wouldn't feel as bright as it does" 


The 108 Podcast

"Love love love this show. Raquel and Amanda go over questions I wouldn't have even thought I need to know about and then that same circumstance shows up in my life. The information I've received through these two since diagnosis just 3 months ago has prepared me in a way that the doctors office definitely did not for parenting a T1D child. So grateful for these two and type one together".

Anonymous CDCES

Auto Mode Masterclass

"Loved it! I learned a lot and I have lots of (non-user) experience with tweaking pump settings. When Omnipod 5 is working well, it works! But getting frustrated along with my patients when things take a while to adjust or traditional approaches just seem to not work at all. As a CDCES I found this so helpful for practical and effective suggestions to make this algorithm really hum for my patients! Thank you for letting me be a fly on the wall :) I am contacting some of my patients to make some changes!"


T1D Grandparent Course

"As a grandparent 1 1/2 years into this journey, I felt like I had a very "broad" understanding of T1D, but it was sketchy at best. I could "talk the talk" but it was "walking the walk" that I needed help with. This course helped to clear up the basics re: terminology, devices and settings and gave me the confidence to be more hands on and thus helpful with my young grandson. Thank you!"
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We strive to provide products that do 2 things: 

Normalize Type One Diabetes

Make T1D fun for your kids 


We are stripping down type 1 diabetes from two people who live different versions of it every single day!

Join Raquel (T1D for 21 years) and Amanda (former NICU RN and mom to a type one child) as they discuss what it's really like to manage diabetes and the deep impact it has on the entire family.



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Together is better, let's do this!

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