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Make sharing T1D life with your friends much easier with educational comics by Peeps With Beeps!


Digital printable files include:

1. Cartoon: How to check your blood sugar 

2. Cartoon: How to count carbs and dose insulin (Pump & MDI)
3. Cartoon: All about low blood sugar

4. Cartoon: All about high blood sugar
5. PLUS 3 bonus coloring pages

This is perfect for your child living with T1D to share with their classmates, teachers, family or friends. Enjoy!


*watermarks removed when purchased

Artwork by Chelsea Marie - T1D parent and the founder of Peeps With Beeps. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @peepswithbeeps and check out their books too!


By purchasing, you agree that Type One Together & Peeps with beeps does not provide medical advice. Please always consult your doctor before making healthcare changes.


Note from Chelsea -

"As a mother of a type one diabetic, I want to bring awareness and an understanding to what is a complex condition. It is my hope that everyone finds this information useful. There is a continual need for more education in our classroomsand social circles and it was my desire to make an easy, quick and fun comics to read. Something that was simple to understand for all ages, and user friendly for all adults. It’s my hope that you can use this material anywhere and everywhere you find the need, and that more and more children that are diagnosed will no longer feel the need to hide…but shine."

T1D Educational Comics Package

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