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Meet our April Diabuddy of the Month - Cody The Diabuddy Dog! Cody is modeled after our founder, Raquel's, dog who has a heart on his side too. Cody is ready to ship within 10 days and are made with our new extra soft, plushy material.


DEVICES *PLEASE READ*: All of our Diabuddies of the Month come with 2 spots to place our velcro device patches. These patches are SOLD SEPARATELY so that you can re-use the patches for each Diabuddy of the Month you collect. These can be purchased HERE.Limited quantity available (for April)


Velcro (for device patches) is located on the arm and back/hip areas for Cody.


This allows us to keep pricing for these diabuddies lower than ever before, as we will not need to make new patches each time. All diabuddies and patches are handmade by Magen :)  


Please note: 

*We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages once they have been dropped off at USPS. 

*All diabuddies are made with safety eyes.

Cody The Dog!

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