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In this 90-minute nutrition masterclass, Meg, Type One Together’s nutritionist and T1D of 25 years, covers nutrition related questions and more to help you more deeply understand food, blood sugars, and raising a happy and healthy eater.

Do you ever carb count accurately but still see your child’s blood sugar rise?

Do you feel confused about building balanced meals for T1D?

Do you struggle bolusing for high-fat meals?

Do you worry about your child having a good relationship with food?

Healthy Food
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Masterclass Details 

You are now able to purchase the recording of a masterclass we did live in May 2024.


You will receive an email post purchase that includes the recording link & resources

You'll Get:

The Masterclass Recording that you can refer back to forever


A copy of “Eating with Diabetes” eBook and extra resources about bolusing strategies, meal/snack ideas, and building a balanced plate template

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I did this class for my son. We are coming up on 5 yrs. He loves food and is a growing kid at 5’6. I love the fact that it’s both choices. Whole grains, or white rice/bread. It’s not one choice and that’s all that you can eat. Especially with kiddos. Love the recipes that were shared, can’t wait to try them! Can’t wait to make the new tweaks and see the change for him.

- Norma R.

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