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In this 90-minute masterclass, we break down our experiences mastering the Control IQ Algorithm (used for both t:slim and mobi). We’ll answer your questions and dive into our top tips for making this system work best for us!


Made for you by people like you!

Raquel has lived with type 1 diabetes for 22 years, is the founder of Type One Together and has used the T:Slim X2 with CIQ technology for 4 years.
Andrew has a BA in Type 1 Diabetes Psychosocial Research & Cinematic Arts from USC and is working on improving type 1 lives through media. He has lived with T1D for 15 years, used the T:Slim for over 3 years and has been a long standing mentor to T1D children and their families. We’ve both successfully met our time in range goals while maintaining our desired lifestyles using T:Slim.
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This course is helpful for: 

This Masterclass

A recording of the class & slides (so you can always refer back to it!)

Infusion Set Cheat Sheet

T:Slim Cheat Sheet to help you quickly navigate all the settings

Our guide to our favorite Tslim accessories

Program details #2 learn more

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This Masterclass is Coming Soon!

I liked the class a lot! My biggest takeaway was not to be afraid to study the pump more and adjust settings.  Also to know the different modes and settings that aren't adjustable-- basically how control IQ works.

- Jessica R.

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